Stay focused while staying with us.

We are keen to cater to the demands of structured training by providing athlete approved apparel for in- and outdoors.

sport__cycling Bikes
Exercise in your room or get help planning your routes.
sport__gaigym Gaigym
Solid steel workout station ready for intense workouts.
sport__yoga Yoga
Join of one classes or get personal.
sport__running Running
We will point you in the right direction.
sport__personal Personal
Get personal and stay active.


We have a special focus on cyclists as it is a hassle to transport a bicycle and to find routes in an unknown territory. It is likewise a great way to experience a destination since you cover large areas.
We offer Trek Émonda SL 6 and SLR 6 Roadbikes which can either be fitted with Wahoo Element Roam computers for outdoors (with preset routes) or used indoors on Wahoo Kickr Smart trainers.
Just bring your pedals, if you can.

Yoga and Personal Training

We have collaborations with tested out yoga gyms, teachers and personal trainers. We hook you up as you require – in the Hotel or in the studio. We are located very close to the Tiergarten which is the best inner-city place to run without crossing street and traffic lights all the time. Just ask us for the directions.


For our weight lifting and body weight athletes we have something very special. Check out our Gaigym solid steel workout station. We hope you do not mind it is placed in our wonderful little garden.